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New Member

Posted - 02/05/2017 :  02:52:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey nudist-resort forum,

I need to start off by saying it's great to be here and that I am really looking forward to speaking with you all.

I suppose you guys have heard this so many times so I'm guessing you will have the best advice. My Fiance and I are going through a little boring patch in our life and feel it's time to explore the nudist world to introduce a little excitement. But this is going to be a first for us and we are a little shy, to say the least.

I have a few questions to ask so I discuss it with my fiance later. First off I understand you would turn up at the dedicated beached in your shorts and T-shirts but what do you do when you get there?

Do you get nude on the beach?
Use the changing rooms?
What is the standard etiquette for nude beaches?
And finally
Where would you recommend a first-time couple to go? We would like somewhere that is not as populated so to speak to get used to the feeling of being nude, if possible.

Also are there any books on nudist and being one with the environment? I have checked my usual site but it don't seem to have what i am looking for.

Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! We would like the adventure to be as natural as possible and not feel out of place.

Thanks guys

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Posted - 03/11/2017 :  5:22:40 PM  Show Profile  Visit Arcadia's Homepage  Click to see Arcadia's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
HI Andy,
Yes, who would think we have to be concerned about the protocol of how and where we take off our clothes on a nudist beach? The textile world blows our minds doesn't it? Well the best line is to say: "just drop them em' ". Probably the greatest fun and celebration would be to peel off one's clothes with sheer exhilaration and dive straight into the biggest wave rolling into shore! Of course, the practicality is to make sure all valuables remained tucked into your car and that the wind isn't blowing to heist your clothes way down the beach. The explanation of how you lost your pants to the textiled world would be fancy footing it. LOL So anyways that's it. That's how you do it.

As far as where you go, well not sure of your location, so you could check out local nudist clubs or resorts where they provide orientation and ease the trepidation of it all. You are more among friends. Let's face it, you have to start some where. On a nudist beach is also fine. However, there you will encounter a variety of people, not always nudist, maybe I call them "lookie-loos", those not imbued with the fine sophistication of baring it all.

Depends on your comfort level. Kathy

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Posted - 03/14/2017 :  01:48:01 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Aandy - I see you are near Melbourne, Victoria. I have no knowledge of places near you, but there are some, they are mentioned on sites like this from time to time. I suggest you go to the Cat's Chat forum and contact Aussie Ian - he should be able to help you with places near you.

There's an Android app called Nudist Compass that may help you, it lists many places in Europe. I can't speak for the quality of the advice, it seems very variable and I don't know if anyone has contributed from Australia.

As regard books - I suggest you go to Kindle and search by 'naturism'. You'll come across a lot which aren't strictly naturist, but if you look at the samples and use discretion you'll find some useful reading (mostly fiction) and then you can make purchase decisions and not waste much money. I am not aware of anything that is Australia-oriented but a lot of the writing is of general application. What few of us could tell you about is the general level of acceptance of nudism in Australia, especially VIC - it seems somewhat prudish, i.e., illegal in QLD. Hope this helps.

Going back >60 years, I recall family holidays near Talangatta on the north side of the south arm of the Hume reservoir. My parents pitched a tent by the reservoir (before the old town was flooded) and we kids played on the beach and in the water - I don't recall wearing any clothes, and we were never bothered. There must still be similar places if you were to hunt on Google Earth...

Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional. Laughing at yourself is therapeutic.

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