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 International Naturist Federation - Open Letter
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Forum Admin

Posted - 11/13/2002 :  10:55:51 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
24 August, 2002

Florida Elected Officials
Florida Public Administrators
Florida Tourist & Economic Development Authorities
Florida Lodging and Hospitality Industry Executives
Florida Convention & Visitor Bureau Executive and Members

Subject: A Request for a Tourist Friendly State of Florida

This communication brings you greetings from the officers and delegates of the International Naturist Federation (INF) assembled in our 28th Biennial Congress at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.

The INF represents the naturist/nudist associations of 35 nations stretching from Australia and New Zealand throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and from Brazil to Canada. We include in our federation the American Association for Nude Recreation and its state affiliate, the Florida Association for Nude Recreation, both headquartered in Kissimmee.

INF members number more than 33,000,000 naturists/nudists worldwide. That is a small fraction of those who practice social naturist activities or who look for these opportunities where they vacation. We are young couples and families with children and senior citizens. And, most importantly, our members spend billions of dollars annually in their vacation travels to the hundreds of clothing optional beaches and nude recreation facility destinations of Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

In light of the devastating effect of September 11 on your tourist economy, we are well aware of the efforts of elected officials and tourism and hospitality industry leaders to increase the number of overseas and domestic tourists who will be attracted to visit the beautiful State of Florida.

Therefore, with the exception of Miami-Dade and Pasco counties, we continue to be surprised and dismayed at Florida’s continued hostility towards what we know to be a healthy, wholesome and family-oriented form of recreation.

This official hostility at state, county and municipal levels continues to result in regulations and law enforcement practices which limit Florida’s desirability as a naturist tourism destination for our members and this substantial recreation market segment. Yet, we naturists are made to feel welcome in other countries of the world, including Cuba.

We respectfully ask of you as elected officials and industry leaders, the following:

1. That you encourage the members of your legislative, councils and industry associations to become better informed about the positive values inherent in naturist/nudist recreation, and;

2. That you undertake, through the good offices of Florida’s tourist, economic development and convention & visitor bureaus, a study of the potential dollar value and economic impact *as yet unrealized* of naturist/nudist tourist market. You now have Miami-Dade County’s Haulover Beach Park’s officially designated clothing optional naturist family beach as a prime model since 1992. Florida also has a number of large combined resort/residential communities to study that are quite successful, and;

3. That you, the elected officials, public servants, hospitality industry executive help us, the members of the worldwide INF community, to make Florida our vacation destination through the establishment of safe, officially sanctioned designated clothing optional recreational areas on public lands and opportunities at private facilities.

Many of our members are retiring and considering warm climates for their retirement home. Florida is one of the areas that they are looking at. If you will provide a positive political and legal climate to foster safe naturist recreational choices and lifestyle needs, we will provide our supportive resources to grow Florida's economic health through increased tourism and naturisms' numerous benefits.

With warm personal regards for the continued success of Florida’s as a tourist and a retirement home destination, we are:

The Officers and Delegates of the 28th Biennial Congress, International Naturist Federation (INF) at Cypress Cove Resort, Kissimmee Florida.

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Forum Member

Posted - 11/13/2002 :  10:59:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a copy of the actual letter with all the signatures and other information for use in promoting our lifestyle to possibly SC government.

It is a well put together package - many thanks to Richard Mason for his part in collecting and distributing the information.

:) Cheri

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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old hippie
Forum Member

Posted - 09/20/2005 :  12:16:37 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It is now almost three years since this letter was presented to Florida's officialdom. Has anyone noticed an improvement in the social atmosphere of the state of Florida toward social nudism?
One would think that the stunning popularity of Haulover would clue some politicians in; but there I go, attempting to mix politics and reason....harumph!

Maybe if, for one day, all the usual occupants of Haulover Beach would put a AANR sticker on each dollar bill they spend (whether at the beach or not), and for that day pay cash for ALL their purchases in the local economy, it might make an impact on some mayor's agenda.

Dum vivimus, vivamus!

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/20/2005 :  12:57:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
don't think it would help putting a mark on our money, they would only arrest us for defacing the dollar!

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/11/2006 :  1:42:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It would be nice to have some way to know where nudist money comes from and where it goes, to know just how nudist money is going around. But then again, Bush is doing something similar to "prevent terrorism" and to restrict our freedom.

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New Member

Posted - 11/01/2008 :  12:10:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
nudist money will serve to some good action only.Government will well utilize that.Florida government is served to they state very well.


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Forum Member

Posted - 11/01/2008 :  1:05:50 PM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Just wondering if writing a thank you letter to these elected officials for okaying the Haulover, or other places. To help dispel the all too often gross misconceptions of who we are, let these officials know that you are just like everyone else, you're hard working Americans, etc. We could educate these government types by example.

That government governs best, which governs least - Thomas Jefferson

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go n nude
Forum Member

Posted - 11/02/2008 :  07:38:50 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The state of Florida known for its friend of Nudism advertizements.Estimates$ 400 million spent there annualy from nude recreation. With more resorts/clubs than several states combined, elected state officials/public administrators are well aware of this lifestyle and its benefits. Thus making FLA the capitol of north american nude recreation. Other states sit on the fence and watch. They didn't get this letter,they're loss, Fla's gain.

go n nude

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Posted - 01/20/2013 :  07:31:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Not sure when all of us nudists will actually come to understand that until you begin to see the topic of nudism to be mainstream in bookstores, on vehicle windows etc nudism will never move forward, why can you buy nudism related books through amazon but not in the actual bookstore in public? Its funny I saw a sticker on a car window other day of stick figure guy having a 3some!! but we cant put "Id rather be naked" sticker on?? Advertising also does not help, they dont advertise to anyone but nudists in me saying you want more members, more younger generation to begin nudism..not advertising in public media etc is about as useful as me saying I want my wife to have my baby but I wont have sex with her.

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Forum Member

Posted - 01/20/2013 :  09:04:35 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There used to be a few naturist publications sold at Barnes and Noble and Borders but Borders went outta business and B & N took them off the shelves. Then B & N put them behind the counter and then something happened and they stopped carrying the naturist publications all together.

I agree ... B & N still sell Playboy and Penthouse but won't sell "N" magazine!!?? Kids walk around with the "F" bomb word on their t shirts but walk around with a nudist saying and people try and avoid you!?

People put all kinds of rude and insensitive stickers on their cars but place a nude saying or image on your car and you're some kinda perv!? Sometimes life doesn't make sense ...

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!

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