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 Nudism, Sex and Sexuality
 Do Nudists Have Sex?
 So are there any overtly sexual places?
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Posted - 05/12/2008 :  9:26:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ah, sorry about the delay I've been out of state for a number of days. Yes I've read it, I don't seem to fall under any of those categories. I think your concern about an unbalanced perception is irrational. People are capable of making their own decisions and are intelligent enough to be able to see beyond their first impressions, I'm rather certain most people usually do. In fact personally I make a point of not forming a first impression and it would be arrogant of me if I assumed I was unique in doing so, if I can reason that in 18 years I'm sure humanity can in a few million. If there are people who would be rash enough to turn away from something because of an unfounded impression, I doubt they would be members for long anyway. People getting together for this purpose has the prerequisite of at least average rationality.

My first reason for coming here had to do with my concerns about the subject otherwise I could go to a nudist resort without even registering here, so it seems only logical that my posts would have to do primarily with my concerns. I don't have any inherent objection to anything sexual, not even remotely, but I know some people do, and that could easily cause an imbalance in perceptions, especially in this context. Once I start going to these places I can talk about my experiences there instead. Though for now my concerns are settled.

Having discovered the definition of 'swingers', that's probably what I'd like best. Though I'm also going to attend regular nudist places with no sexual agenda, since those are the terms of their institutions. There appears to be sufficient understanding here that I would feel comfortable going to a nudist place now, and I probably will soon. I'm sure I wont be confronted with loaded internet terminology when I'm in person.

Catbird, that's why I asked if there were any places that were specifically designed for being sexually explicit. And no, a place can not be closed down for conduct done on private property, unless it has contractual obligations with a larger organisation.

But on the subject of 'swingers', where do they meet?

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/13/2008 :  12:57:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
But on the subject of 'swingers', where do they meet?

Why are you asking here?

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/13/2008 :  8:20:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit Phydeau's Homepage  Reply with Quote
SirGodiva, I'm actually impressed by the maturity of your last response. I understand where you're coming from.

Perhaps some day in the very distant future, open sex will seem commonplace in appropriate settings. But giving how even in today's world public displays of affection such as kissing are viewed as kind of disruptive, I feel that the kind of behavior you're looking for will always be a subculture kind of thing.

Yes, there are places where overt sexual activities are the norm, but since nudists are having enough of a struggle to be accepted as it is, in 2008, it's important to make it very clear that the naturist/nudist lifestyle isn't a sexually driven desire, but simply people who like to get out of bed in the morning and not get dressed to make a cup of coffee who don't have to be paranoid about the neighbors seeing them. It's about people who realize it's silly to wear a soggy bathing suit at the beach, when you're practically naked, anyway.

So, yes. This is not the place to ask people where the swinger clubs are. It's not because nudists aren't ever sexual. But we have a serious P.R. problem. And "sexual deviants" is a term that those opposed to nudist resorts like to throw around.

By all means, find yourself a swinger club. All the power to you, and I'm sure you'll find happiness in it. But the general nudist community as a whole can't associate with that. I hope you can understand that, not because I rudely want you to "shut up", but because I'd like this thread to be over.

You're asking good questions. You're just creating a bad tone. Approach your inquiries with due respect of the people who will be responding.

Good luck.

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go n nude
Forum Member

Posted - 05/14/2008 :  6:50:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My answer would be for you to search for those places you seek on the web the same way you stumbled on to this forum, I,ve also heard they prefer couples but thats hearsay. You say your going visit a club soon, good behavior will be expected, and no club thats family friendly has any times when/where people walk around and openly have sex,which you'll find out if your really serious or just playing games with this forum.

go n nude

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New Member

Posted - 06/02/2008 :  1:38:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Let's get our heads on straight. First, nudist/naturism is not about sex, it is about a family oriented atmosphere where people happen to be nude. Next, swingers do go to nudist resorts. Third, at many resorts it is considered a violation of resort rules for a swinger to solicit sex, i.e. "hey, buddy, you interested in a threesome?" Given those three points, yes there are nudist resorts where suggestive clothing and all the meaning that carries is not discouraged. Last, as a general rule you won't find people having sex underneath a shade tree at the average nudist resort. Hope that helps?

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New Member

Posted - 06/20/2008 :  7:43:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Godiva you are asking things that will be answered after you try it.
My first time I went I was 20 and realized it was different from my imagination.

Just go try it. You've had too much to think. Relax.

Just try it. People are like most other people. If you want to you will be able to strike up a conversation. If you want to be left alone they will leave you alone.

Go check it out and remember the golden rule and you will be fine.

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New Member

Posted - 07/31/2008 :  6:53:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
GODIVA there is sex at many resorts but usually kept private.Florida has several in pasco county.- - is under fire right now because they had swingers events.

Notice: This moderator, operating under username 'Moderator', has been terminated for repeatedly censoring or altering posts without providing a clear indication of which policy was being enforced. Her actions were not sanctioned by this organization.

[edited due to content]

Edited by - Moderator on 07/31/2008 10:23:55 PM

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/01/2008 :  06:49:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I had a chance to read the post above from JIMandTINA before it was edited.

I find it very interesting how the references to - - and Lake Como were edited out, but comment about - - was left in.

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/01/2008 :  11:12:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by FlCpl4NewdFun

I had a chance to read the post above from JIMandTINA before it was edited.

I find it very interesting how the references to - - and Lake Como were edited out, but comment about - - was left in.

The inferences that there is overt sexuality at Como was not accurate IMHO. I'm glad it was edited out. It was offensive to me and a couple of others who emailed me. As far as the reference to Paradise, I've been there many times and think that what was referred to was private sex rather than outdoors in the view of everyone.

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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New Member

Posted - 08/17/2008 :  11:24:10 AM  Show Profile  Send WarmBody a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I've had the pleasure of experiencing both true nudism and the "swinging" lifestyle resorts... I think the OP has some valid points and questions, but I also agree that he should just "get out there" and experience both sides of the fence. He will quickly realize the differences... getting the boot from a family resort or beach can be a harsh wake-up call. ;o) Only then can he truly decide which lifestyle better suits him.

Edited by - WarmBody on 08/17/2008 11:24:47 AM

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/01/2008 :  12:45:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm mildly incredulous that SirGodiva is internet savvy enough to find this site, but can't seem to find a swinger club. A cursory Google search will generate millions of sites. Sure, most of them are crapola, but I'll bet that a little effort might even turn up a club that would admit an 18 year old boy ... assuming that's what he is.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/26/2008 :  10:44:31 PM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I am quickly reading throuogh the messages before I have to leave the site, so here goes.

It seems that SirGodiva is looking for sex more than nudity. Perhaps the social nudity is not at the center of your thoughts and feelings, with sex instead being your goal.

Very different attitudes attend swingers' groups and nudist resorts. If your emphasis is on swingers' activities, then nudist resorts would be of little use in the strict sense of the word. What you want to do is simply not done at most nudist facilities. You might want to give it more thought as to what do you really want. If it is sex, only or mainly, you'd be quite dissapointed with the whole of the nudist resort arena.

Perhpas there are swingers personals on the Internet.

That government governs best, which governs least - Thomas Jefferson

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/27/2008 :  5:53:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If he is looking for lifestylers, an AANR type nudist/naturist resort will not provide him with what he is looking for. He needs to go to a Hedonism or Desire type of resort, which are not nudist resorts per se, rather they are "adult" resorts with areas where nudity is permissible. There aren't many resorts in the states that are "lifestyle-friendly"...I understand - - is lifestyle friendly, though I have not been there myself.

Be forewarned, Desire is couples only and - - welcomes couples and single females only. Single men are not always welcome in the lifestyle.

Edited by - jw1 on 10/29/2008 11:27:43 AM

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/01/2010 :  8:24:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Re "Hedonism" and "Hedonism II" - we've never been there but colleagues (single) have and seemed to have an interesting time. The feeling we got was a resort designed to collide nudity and sex head-on with predictable consequences. As NaturistDoc will no doubt confirm, alcohol, overt nudity (especially amongst non- "Traditional" nudists), and a population hell-bent on "having a (by implication extensively sexual) good time" are components of a recipe for disaster. It was very enlightening to note the number of our colleagues who returned with UTIs and STDs, despite using barrier protection!

Although marketed as a "Naturist Holiday" the evidence is that these resorts are more aligned to the "Swinging Set" rather than true Naturists, however like everything else in this World, you pays your money and you takes your choice!

Far, far better going to a "real" Naturist location - Cap D'Agde MUST be our favourite!!

Phil & Timea S.

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