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 Nudism Places: Around the World
 South America: Colombia
 Are there nudism places in Colombia?
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Posted - 02/23/2009 :  1:38:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Are there nudism places in Colombia?

If you don't find what you are looking for here, see also the forum, "Hey, is there a club or nudist resort in ...?" The question may have already been asked and answered there.

If you have helpful and reliable information to share about nudism places in Colombia, please add it to this thread by clicking Reply to Topic while logged in.

* Park Tayrona, West from Cabo San Juan all the way until you can go no further and there's a nudist beach.

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Posted - 02/24/2009 :  10:34:30 PM  Show Profile  Send jherazob a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Ok, a browser crash ate my post (that'll teach me to use an alpha version browser for the day to day ) and this forum doesn't have a "save" option like gmail, so let's start again...

Hadn't seen this forum since forever, and now that i peek back in there's this footnote of a forum post mentioning nudist places here in Colombia, specifically mentioning Parque Tayrona. Since i'm from here and have been in the aforementioned beach i guess i pretty much have to speak of my experiences.

First, the place is ripped right out of Blue Lagoon. Seriously. Look at the pictures. Here's the first photo from the first collection that comes out of a flickr search for "tayrona":

Second, this place is not for everybody. We're talking virgin nature, long hikes (2 hours just to get there) in hot humid climate with your heavy backpacks, and no room service or frappacinos (althought i've always camped there with my trusty tent so i dunno how is it with the more expensive "ecohabs"). There's mosquitos and stuff so bring your repelents and netting. Campers and hikers rejoice. There are restaurants though so you can use that, since i'm not well off economically i tend to eat on the restaurant at noon and leave breakfast and dinner to canned goods, cheap bread and cream cheese, you may want to come with some money to eat instead

Third, The local currency is weak so apart from the airfare and transportation to get here it'll be cheaper than most of your local vacations. You'll be able to stay here for a week for less than it'd cost you to go to your nearest local tourist destination. A whole 3-day weekend with camping and parking for the car (which is left alone for the duration of the trip as the parking space is at the very entryway near the road, 2 hours of walking away from the campings i use) nets me about $150.000 to $200.000 pesos, which at the time of this writing is about $78 dollars or 61 euros, so a couple hundred dollars or euros should last you a while (unless you use the ecohabs, then i have no idea, i know about the camping areas).

Fourth, of the dozens of beaches in the park only two are the nude ones, and those are clothing optional and not purely nudist. There will be clothed people there, not just nudists or topless women, and if you get there on high tourist season there's a phenomenom to have in mind: One-day tours. People will go there and actually expect to see the whole park in a day without Santa's magical reindeers. A ripoff if you ask me, you gotta stay at least 3 days i say. Of course the nude beaches are part of the trip so they'll go there, all wide-eyed expecting to see all the naked people, then leave in a flash to see more park before they have to go. You can just ignore them

Fifth, beware. If you come here once, you'll keep coming back

Now linky time

First, the wikipedia entry for the park.

Second, as linked before here's more photos, both from a google images search and a flickr search for the park, you'll find there more blue-lagoon-tastic photos. It's more difficult to take non-paradisey photos in there

Third, a youtube search will give out some vids of the place.

Fourth, a couple blog posts, one here and another here, the last one with a 17 min video with all the highlights of his trip, found here as a zipped video. Between both there's a couple pics of the nude beaches.

A point about the country itself. There's lots of media emphasis on the drug stuff, but in reality it's just a minority of thugs soiling the good name of a great country and making us look like this is a step away from being another Afganisthan. As many people will testify this is a great place to come to vacation, and if you have a steady paycheck on dollars or euros coming to your bank account because of a pension or something this is a night awesome place to live.

Also note: this park is the best place for nudism in the country, but not the only one. I personally know of another place (relatively) close to where i live, and have word of a few more. But in general, if you think nude vacations in Colombia you think Parque Tayrona.

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something."
Robert Heinlein

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