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 World Disasters and the Nudist Travel Industry
 Economic theory on the 2011 world recession
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Posted - 08/05/2011 :  12:04:48 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Economic theory on the 2011 world recession

What is your understanding of the factors that came together to create the 2011 world recession and related calamities?

Also, how does this affect the nudist industry? How do you suggest naturist businesses insure their survival?

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Posted - 08/05/2011 :  10:46:58 AM  Show Profile  Send nudesunguy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I think it's simple human greed, and the people on the top (yes, BOTH Democrats and Republicans) using modern technology and their endless influence, have figured out how to game the system. For example, the huge housing/mortgage meltdown that happened recently resulted in ZERO people being sent to jail. It did result in nearly a trillion dollars of taxpayer "stimulus" money ending up in their pockets, because they were "too big to fail." If you visit the rich sections of the country/world, you'd see that there is no recession. $1,500 hotel rooms are still selling well.

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Posted - 08/07/2011 :  03:32:15 AM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Get rid of the world banking system. It would not be easy, but it would be a boon to the USA. We did just fine from the 1830s to 1914 without having an international bank monopolize our money.

That would help stabilize our dollar, and let it float free of foreign restraints. During the reign of the Fed's money kings, our dollar has lost 96% of its value. Seniors on fixed incomes are hardest hit with the Fed's elastic money.

It's hard to plan when the money changes in value. Also, in artificially induced inflationary times, we think everything is fantastic at first. It's the Roaring 20s all over again. Later, when inflation starts to show up at your favorite store, you begin to complain about rising prices, while your paycheck is staying constant.

In 1982, Volcker, head of the Federal Reserve Board, implemented his new monetary policy of hard money, to rid the nation of the 14% inflation we had back then. Interest rates went up to 23% for second mortgages (I know, I had to borrow at that time). We got thrown into a deep recession.

Unfortunately, we are headed for another inflation fight which will trigger a worse recession. Bernanke still loves loose money, especially for his favored folks. He is moving in the opposite direction from what the Fed did in the 1930s when it brought about the depression of that decade.

The very long term answer is to get rid of the Fed, and let the government issue money without interest to the people. I don't mean to give it away like a loose slot machine in Nevada.

The question is, is there another Andrew Jackson around who will take on an entrenched foreign banking system and rid us of it? How many politicians do you hear talking about it?

Until we have our own money system, based on assets, we can count on more money mischief ,and its consequences. (I borrowed "money mischief" from one of my all-time favorite economists - Milton Friedman).

A prosperous people need honest money that sustains its value. This promotes wealth within the average part of Americans, and not the very rich, who take advantage of changes in the value in our present "currency."

As for trade balance, we would be able to buy overseas, but foreigners would be less able to buy from us. However, at some point, they would have to do something with their dollars. They can't eat them, or use them for wallpaper. They could invest their dollars in American institutions because of a permanently strong dollar. That in turn increases new businesses in America.

The politicians are seeminlgy helpless about the whole mess, yet they have the power to make a difference, but they need much, much more courage to do the right thing. Both the Democrats and the GOP love the Fed, because the Fed monetizes their government spending initiatives.

We cannot spend our way of this recession, but we can slash government spending just as we did right after Word War 1. That was a little known fact that we ignore today. That is tragic. The lesson we should have learned is - when there is a recession or depression, slash government spending.

We did the opposite in the 1930s by increasing government spending, and it only worsened the depression of the 30s. Contrast that to the even worse depression of 1920 to 1921, which was snuffed out by slashing government spending, and returned the money to the people.

Will the voters have the will to try out what worked in the early 1920s?

"Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his (and her) conduct."
Thomas Jefferson

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/07/2011 :  03:46:44 AM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I forgot to answer the question about how this will affect the nudist business. I could get cute and say that people might not be able to buy very many clothes and come to nudist resorts to save money on their clothing.

Seriously, though, it can worsen nudist resorts, as it would the tourist business. They're not neccesities to the average person who is struggling. Nudist beaches would be more exempt for nudism, because it costs less to use those beaches.

Some nudist resorts are expensive vis-a-vis camping. Membership can run into the hundreds of dollars, which may put if out of range for many folks. Still, there are the die-hard nudists who will make sacrifices to keep their memberships. The nudist resort that I go to, is $150 a year, after the first year, because you can do volunteer work to earn the other $150 (making a total of $300 a year). That is a good alternative for paying the whole freight. We all have time to do some work for a resort.

Until our monetary mess is straightened out, such as it was in the 1980s, we're in for some very tight personal budgets and less tourism of all kinds.

Home nudism may have an appeal, since there is no membership expense, and it saves on laundry. Jobless people will be hard put to justify visiting nudist resorts.

Nudist resorts might even drop their prices a bit to keep folks visiting. I was going to say -- drop their prices as we dropped our clothes on arrival, but thought better of that lousy joke.

To those who have a goodly amount of discretionary money to spend, we can expect them to keep going to nudist resorts.

"Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his (and her) conduct."
Thomas Jefferson

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