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 A few personal naturist stories
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Posted - 09/08/2011 :  03:35:48 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello to everyone reading this post.

I have been a practising naturist since my early 20s. Here are a few naturist stories I would like to share with you. Comments welcome.

One happy memory is of a stint at a summer camp back in the 90s. I was the staff videographer. At the end of the summer, some of us hardy souls went for a communal night-time swim in the lake. A few of the braver staffers (myself included) went fully nude in the water. It was odd that so many other guys kept their shorts on, as this particular group of swimmers was all-male. (If that seems odd, remember it was a boys' camp, and the gender ratio among the staff was very lop-sided, for that reason.) One guy was so drunk he yelled out this 'running commentary' the whole time: "I am standing here in the water completely naked!!! And it feels great!" He also pointed out by name everyone else who was skinny-dipping (yes, including me.) So when we dried off, dressed, and made our way back to the cabin, one (female) staffer asked me "So, did you go skinny-dipping then?" I had to admit I had. This was rather ironic, since this same staffer had told me, at the beginning of the summer, that skinny-dipping in the lake was actually forbidden. Fortunately, she didn't try and bust any of us.

Another memorable experience involving nudity was when I saw a performance artist named Katherine (I will refrain from giving her last name, for legal / protective reasons) give a nude one-person show downtown (in NYC), a few years ago. She hosted the show in the buff (giving the sensible explanation that "We've all got this going on in our lives"), and showed video footage of her public nudity experiences (which included the local subways, and a train station). She was using her body as a kind of 'rorshach' test, to see how others react to the sight of her nude. (Although she wasn't doing it in a 'seductive' manner - she wasn't trying to find sex partners by doing this.) She ended the show by telling a story about a previous show she did, in which a couple of (male) audience members also got naked. She hinted that she was open to us, the audience, doing the same. I saw one woman get up and take off her top. She seemed happy (saying "this is me!"). I quickly debated in my mind if I was willing to follow Katherine's lead in being naked on the stage. I took a deep breath, then got up from my seat. I actually got a few people applauding as I calmly went to the stage. For a minute, Katherine didn't even notice me, as I began to take off my clothes. I ended up solely in my shoes and socks. When she turned around and saw me, she was happily surprised. She gave me a hug, and we shared a naked dance to the Doors' hit "Hello I Love You" playing over the sound system. She complimented me, telling me how much I was contributing to the show. Another guy got up and also stripped, and Katherine embraced him also. At the same time, as the audience was filing out, a woman I didn't know got up from her seat and stared casually talking to me. The dynamics seemed a bit odd - a naked me talking to a fully dressed woman I didn't even know - but somehow, in this context - a celebration of nudity - seemed right. (Of course, I would have preferred for her to be as nude as I was, but one can't have everything, I suppose. lol) One woman - who was involved in managing the theatre - also applauded my being naked. The reason I know this is that when I returned to the same theatre a week later - for an open-mike talent show - she took my ticket and asked me (with a hopeful tone of voice) "Are you gonna get naked again?" (Sadly, I didn't that night, but probably should have, in hindsight - if you will forgive the pun!

My last story involves something that few naturists have taken part in - nude theatre. This was a couple of years ago. Our show was comedy improv-themed, with a few musical numbers thrown in (not by me, as I can't sing.) Not only the host but many in the audience were nude, as well as we performers (if you are curious, it was two men - including myself - and two women. The host was male. The nearly-equal gender balance helped make the show work.) We got a standing ovation at the end. This is notable in that I have been involved in improv shows since the early 90s - yes, fully clothed - and never gotten that kind of validation.

If anyone wants to know about my e-book (a work of erotic short stories called "The Wedding of Eros"), please check out the Whiskey Creek Press "Torrid" section (on their website). The sub-category is "Anthologies".

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