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 Education - Promoting the Nudist Lifestyle
 How did you first personally hear about nudism?
 What Originally Drew You To Nudism?
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Posted - 06/29/2010 :  5:42:04 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I, the male in this couple have enjoyed being nude since my mid teens. Being without clothing is a part of my feeling comfortable and real. As a couple we have enjoyed being nude at home since we married. The experience of social nudism is something that was destined to happen for us. We first experienced social nudity many years later, after reading about naturism and we decided we just had to experience it. It has been a freeing and spiritually rewarding experience for us. We have found that for us nudism is healthy and it is a great reliever of stress. When we cannot be at a resort or other naturist venue we strip as soon as we get home. We still do not consider ourselves to be nudists if that makes any sense. We do not run from the word nudist either. That is just another label. We wear no clothing unless it is necessary, so we are natural. We enjoy being nude as a natural state of being. There is even more to this story we can share at a later time.

Being Naked and Being Real

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Posted - 04/02/2012 :  2:45:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Always wanted to keep the clothes off .


Live life bare it is the only way to be.

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Posted - 04/02/2012 :  2:48:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
fullmonte, I would like to get to Sunny Rest, but right now the big stopper is $$$$. I am hoping to get there before I get to weak to be able to drive, since I have muscle weakness and do not know what is causing it. I go for an MD / MS eval on the 12th.


Live life bare it is the only way to be.

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Posted - 04/02/2012 :  9:43:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I haven't thought about it for years but I was raised in a home where being naked was what you did in the shower. I joined the Air Force and in 1965 I met a girl from Gulfport, Missippi who was, at that moment in my life, the girl of my dreams. One day she asked if we could go swimming at a local river swimming area. Well how could I say no? A friend, his girl friend, Rita and myself arrived at the swimming hole and before I could get out of the drivers seat, Rita was out and peeling clothes on a dash to the river. Oh My God! The only girl I'd ever seen naked was my older sister (an actual wardrobe malfunction) then only above the waist and not nearly that much. After a few moments of shock, my friend and his girl friend were joining her. I finally realized that I was the only person in maybe 20 at the swimming hold who still had any cloths on.
From that day to this I am the first out of the car and the first to go back to nature when my family hits the hiking trails. My daughter has sadly withdrawn but my son and his family are seconds behind me. My wife, to this day, still shakes her head in wonder as she appears as the most beautiful woman in the world adorned in the attire that God sent her in.
Thank you Rita, wherever you are.


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Posted - 10/30/2013 :  08:59:45 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I read in a magazine that nudism was a wholesome activity which was different than regular society. i found out about a nudist club and loved it and the nudists parties.


retired from the telecommunications industry

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Posted - 11/01/2013 :  10:01:18 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've been a wanna be nudist since I was a teenager. I would often take off all my clothes and be naked around the house when my parents and sister were not home. It just felt so good. As scouts a lot of us went skinny dipping on outings, which was liberating. Unfortunately, that is all I was able to do. Pretty limited.

When I got married most of this stopped. I had married a woman who did not appreciate nudity in any form. We raised out kids and lived our lives as textiles until one day we moved to a house and got an above ground pool "for the kids". After the kids went to sleep I would go our into the pool naked. My wife joined be but has on a bathing suit. She still did not approve of nakedness of any kind, but I told her I enjoyed it and I was going to do it in the privacy of my own back yard an pool. I did this for several years.

My wife died suddenly just days before our 30th wedding anniversary. During that time following her death, I found myself on a journey to "re-discover myself". I continued my skinny dipping, but expanded it to all times of the day and night, but always alone.

Two years later I married my current wife who also liked to skinny dip in her pool. We continued swimming naked in my pool. Eventually we began doing things in the yard, simple gardening tasks, trimming the rose bushes, pulling weeds, watering the plants, and basically getting used to being naked outside.

One evening we were watching a TV program on RVing and one of the segments was on nude RV camps. My wife asked me if I thought I could do that and I casually said, "sure", and we both forgot about it. That is until one day she asked me if we could to go a nude RV camp and see if we liked it.

Well, there are no nude RV camps near us in Phoenix, but I found a C/O resort not far from us, Shangri la Ranch in New River, that accepted RVs. I made arrangements for us to stay there a few days. We arrived and got settled in, had lunch, dropped our clothes in the trailer, stepped outside and headed for the community pool. We never looked back.

We met lots of friendly people there, spent Saturday and Sunday there. We even went to the Saturday night dance, naked, and had a ball. My wife said she felt more judged with her clothes on in public than she did naked in a nudist resort/camp.

Since then we have been back to Shangri la Ranch once, but have been driving to Tucson to visit Mira Vista Resort. We joined Mira Vista Resort on our second visit. My wife works every other weekend with only Saturday off, so we go to Mira Vista on the weekends she does not work and visit Shangri la Ranch for day visits when we need a nude fix.

We still do everything at home nude. Everything from sleeping nude (she never slept nude before marrying me), to gardening, swimming, and handing out on the back patio. I even grill naked. We've slept outside overnight on a futon naked. So far, the neighbors have not gotten nosy, but I'm sure someone will get an eye full. Then it will be out, we are nudists and not ashamed of it.

BTW: I need a sign that says something like "You May Encounter Naked People Beyond This Point." I want to put it in my back yard when the hot tub arrives.

Feel the sun warm your skin when there's nothing between you and the sun.

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Posted - 11/02/2013 :  12:26:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just never "got" clothes. Always felt better without clothes.

Naked is green.

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Forum Member

Posted - 11/04/2013 :  11:49:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We both enjoyed nudity as teens. david grew up in the south, in the Bahamas. Around age 13/14 he began to explore the beaches further from his home by bike and discovered that he enjoyed parking his bike at a remote beach and spending an afternoon on the ebach nude. He soon discovered that the beach he selected was the unofficial nude beach frequented by the casino showgirls, which became an even better reason to enjoy his what was to become daily visits to the beach.
I on the other hand grew up in Canada near Toronto and our family enjoyed the summers around our backyard pool. It was very secluded and private and we spent a great deal of the time around the pool nude; my parents and three daughters. So never thought anything different about it, was natural.
When we met we discovered we both enjoyed our nudism especially when around the water, ie pool or beach.

nothing feels better than the warm sun on 100% of the body!

Edited by - davidandcathy on 11/04/2013 11:50:18 AM

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Posted - 11/07/2013 :  4:03:33 PM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I tried being naked when I was about 9 or 10. I was in a creek canyon in the Sierra Nevada. It was a sunny, dry day, and taking off my clothes was a natural thought. I didn't know a thing about nudism, as such, and thought I'd discovered something that nobody else tried out. Such naivete! I liked the sensation of feeling the sun all over my body. Had to sneak off, up the creek for a ways to not be seen. The feeling stuck with me as being a good one.

I rise early almost every morning and sit in my chamber, without any clothes whatever, half an hour or an hour, according to the season, either reading or writing.
Ben Franklin

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