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 Education - Promoting the Nudist Lifestyle
 Educating the public about nudism
 Nudism and educating the public - best method?
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old hippie
Forum Member

Posted - 07/07/2005 :  1:54:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Veal, Cheri indeed is a great evangelizer. And so are several others who contribute to this forum. Anyone who is enthusiastic about an aspect of their life will spread that enthusiasm. The question for some may be, "Is this a major facet of my life?"
I don't consider myself a full-time naturist, but I enjoy the option of being nude at the beach or pool, if I choose to be. I'd like to see the general public pay less attention to skin exposure and more to exposure of corruption or violence. But I'm not ready, at least at this point in my schedule, to launch the campaign myself. I find myself on the beach a couple times a year, and it has been MANY moons since I went backpacking and spent a week at a time nude in the woods. It's just not my main interest at the moment. But it is for many who read and contribute to this forum.
I bet that if every one who reads this forum regularly, and who spends a good deal of time & money at naturist activities (clubs, cruises, etc) placed a small discreet ad for an activity like a nude seder or a skinny-dip day at the swim club, they would (a) find that a lot of their neighbors hold a quiet curiosity about naturism, and (B) the activity would enlighten still others - not to mention provide an opportunity for local naturists to meet and enjoy the occasion.
Who's next?

- the retired radical (ain't gonna study protest no more)

Dum vivimus, vivamus!

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New Member

Posted - 03/02/2006 :  8:17:24 PM  Show Profile  Visit tlyoung88's Homepage  Send tlyoung88 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
One of the best ways to promote nudism is to speak to the mass audience through mainstream media.

Is this leading to something. Well, okay.

I have a documentary, "Naked in the 21st Century" available on all retail outlets including, March 7.

Already reviews have been either indifferent to extremely hateful. There are a lot of people out there who do not realize that nudism is real, not some made up 100 year old fad practiced by deluded freaks. I've already been accused of filming fake interviews.

Why would I script out pages and pages of scripted interview when all I have to do is turn the camera on and get people to talk? Hence, a REAL interview.

Check out the DVD and decide for yourself.
t.l. young

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/29/2006 :  8:01:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Id take them to a Live Nudist camp or Resort.
Maybe show DVDs or vidtapes about Camp.
& see what happens.
Must be:
Adults ONLY
Or Euroadults.
We'd meet someplace then drive into Camp.
Or meet contacts IN camp.
Id be nice to have IN camp residents make showing & also
Id show them Data on Nude Rec Worldwide.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/15/2006 :  6:23:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One of the local groups here in Oregon, ORCOBA does a great job. They do public service stuff like highway clean-ups, and beach clean-ups and they partner with textile groups to get the work done. I think that is one of the most effective ways to accomplish the promotion of nudity in the textile world.

You have two totally different groups with a like goal of keeping the earth clean. Then they get to know each other during the clean-ups and see that we (nudists) are regualr normal people. You have to take a chance, but to me the rewards are worth it.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/25/2007 :  3:31:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This method might seem to be a little aggresive but here I go: Call it "BEACHSTORMING". A group of naturists would preselect a beach to go to early in the morning and basically stake out thier claim at a secluded area of the beach. Make sure that it is agreed that: NO BOOZE,NO POT,AND NO LEWD BEHAVIOR. If one can show the public that we are well behaved,which we are anyway,then over time something like this would work. I mean,really,people in europe just go to the beach and strip and soak up the rays all the time. Whats the difference on this side of the pond!!!

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/25/2007 :  6:57:04 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by free2tannude

This method might seem to be a little aggresive but here I go: Call it "BEACHSTORMING". A group of naturists would preselect a beach to go to early in the morning and basically stake out thier claim at a secluded area of the beach. Make sure that it is agreed that: NO BOOZE,NO POT,AND NO LEWD BEHAVIOR. If one can show the public that we are well behaved,which we are anyway,then over time something like this would work. I mean,really,people in europe just go to the beach and strip and soak up the rays all the time. Whats the difference on this side of the pond!!!

In most US states, this would be cause to get you arrested. No, not always in Europe is it available to do so as you comment. Many beaches are top-free though, not nude.

South Florida Free Beaches had TALKS with the powers that be/were in the 1980s and got Haulover established. If groups can demonstrate the statistics on increased tourist revenue, that would/should suffice.

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/25/2007 :  9:46:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think there have been variations on this theme in that there are certain beaches that have "traditionally been used in the past nude." The key here is that there is a history of nude use at the site. The problem is that the use isn't consistent. As new park managers come on the scene they bring there own prejudices with them. This means there is a constant renegotiation of the situation. I know I have seen this in places like San Onofre beach near San Diego and also at state parks in California. There seems to be consideration also in the nation parks and forests in that if areas have been used nude in than past the managers of that public land try to reach an accommodation with the nude users if they will make an effort to reach out to them. I think it is better to form a group that has some sort of a national affiliation then recruit local members who use the area and then go to the public land mangers with a proposal suggesting a co-use agreement such as Sunday through Thursday nude is okay or setting boundaries beyond the most heavily used areas also things like organized beach cleanups that are sponsored by the nudist group using the area will build faith and confidence and you will also have the resources of the national organization. In your face tactics have been known to cause more negative consequences than positive ones in my experience. It takes time and patience and a willingness to educate the public and the land managers. Of course out of the way areas that receive little or no use could be prime for a startup beach as long as the effort is not in your face in a highly used area.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. -- Robert Frost

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/26/2007 :  12:52:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Way back at the beginning of this thread, Calmnude suggested that naturism isn't really "an 'alternative' lifestyle, and it has to be promoted simply and as fun." Adding this to Cheri's "revenue" argument, Al's point about needing to talk to land managers, and earlier posts about groups like college students, I started thinking about how it might be useful to approach various "activity managers".

For instance, maybe a golf course manager would see the revenue and promotional advantages of a "clothing-optional golf day", maybe for a slow hot weekday. Or a college would be cool with an "after-exams stress-free clothing-free bring-a-frizbee picnic", maybe jointly organized by a frat house and sorority. Or a neighbourhood swimming pool could designate skinny-dipping times, maybe organized in cooperation with a local sunclub. Tour/bus operators might be open to offering "A Day at the Beach au Natural" or "A Day at the Sunclub" as one option in a tour package. Any slow time for businesses would provide possibilities -- Sunday afternoon clothes-free happy hours, whatever. Cheri's "Nude Passover Seder" is a super example of possibilities for cultural or religious group occasions.

Just thinking out loud about how to link the fun of naturism with bringing new clients or participants to businesses or activity groups. Clearly, the "activity managers" would be most comfortable partnering with people or groups that could assure a certain level of participation and/or assure the occasion would remain fun, casual and follow naturist standards.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/28/2012 :  08:09:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There is clearly an economic advantage for offering nude golf opportunities in some communities. Nude golf on hot weekdays like Tuesdays and Wednesdays seems like a good idea. Some golf courses are well suited for the privacy required for nude golf. Sounds like big fun.
Building golf courses at nudist resorts large enough to accommodate them could also prove to be a positive economic decision for the resort. Compact par 3 courses can also work very well. Even a six-hole course could be a good start in some places.

Being Naked and Being Real

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Bob Knows
Forum Member

Posted - 05/28/2012 :  10:45:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There is a lot we can do to promote nudity as generally acceptable. For example, we can write and publish comments that clothes are ecologically harmful when naked does not use energy reserves or farming to produce and launder. We can be seen naked in public places whenever we have an opportunity to do so without getting arrested. The more naked people are seen the more acceptable naked people became. We can sign up and participate in our local political party caucuses. We can propse "nude is eclology friendly" for the the party platform.

We need to be postitive about naked, not negative. We need to stop saying "Nude is NOT lewd." A slogan with "NOT" is psychologically negative. We have to turn it around to say "nude is good" in some form. Nude is ecological, nude is the ultimate green. Nude is friendly. Nude is natural. Nude is good for children. All forms of "nude is good" has to repalce "Nude is NOT (anything).

Whenever someone gets harassed by local police or "news" reporters we need to write to "news" sources, to the Police Chief, and to the City Council or state Representatives saying that clothing choices are none of the police or government's business. What clothes someone chooses to wear, or not wear, is not the government's problem. Harassment for clothing choice is police state tyranny. We need to be angry citizens opposed to police/state tyranny by our governments and media. The government should fix the potholes and get off our backs.

A very small percentage of gays always get vocal when any gay issue shows up on the media. Anyone says any anti-gay message and they get dozens of gays writing to complain. They have a huge impact. A small percentage of nudists could do the same kind of advocacy if nudists would do it. Too many of our leaders have a vested interest in forcing nudists off to some isolated retreat instead of making nude acceptable everywhere. We can change that together if we just would get off our behinds and advocate for our freedom.

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New Member

Posted - 02/23/2018 :  7:55:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The best promotion is to bring someone that you know to a club, beach, or resort. You have to experience the "feeling" of nudism/naturism. It's really the only way to promote.

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Nude in AK
Forum Member

Posted - 02/23/2018 :  10:10:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It is too bad that those of us that like to be nude, rather then wearing cloths all the time, are looked down upon! Yes, in the current status of things there maybe time/places that it is not right, but what about the times that we can. I also have heard that we can not expect any privatecy(sp) on our own property. That does not seems right but.....
It would be interesting to see things change!

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/23/2018 :  11:42:22 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Being nudists and living as we do, is not a hobby, for recreation or vacation purposes only or some pass time we only do once in a while or only when we get away from our home. We live this way at home always ... it is a lifestyle for us. It may not be for some of you but it is for us.

Educating the public comes in different ways. You have to know your audience and know when the right time is to broach the subject. I often wear t shirts with nudist/naturist sayings, club or resort logos, known nude beach t shirts. If someone broaches the subject to me/us, we don't shy away from talking about it with them. Some are eager to listen and learn, some want no part of that conversation.

We educated the public through our daughters and their friends. Several couples, friends of both of our daughters, came up to us at a party and wanted to talk to us about nudism. Our daughters had told those that they felt would be respectful of our lifestyle and they were and wanted to know more. A few couples actually began living naked at home, sleeping naked, using their hot tubs/pools naked and even visited our nude beach several times. They never took to it like we did but at least they have a better understanding and appreciation for living naked.

I post "likes" on my Facebook page of various nudist groups and venues/clubs/resort and I'm frequently questioned about those "likes." If asked, I answer honestly and explain to them that I am not trying to convert them, not trying to do what I can to see the lady friends naked ... all I'm hoping to do is give them honest information on how we live and where we go and what happens at these places and dispel any and all misconceptions. Most times I/we are successful, other times we find that even some of our closest friends aren't mature enough to listen and get it without making jokes and saying that old tired reply that I've never liked and have come to hate ..."TMI, TMI"

It would take nudists that are good public speakers to be part of this educational program for the public. Too many times there have been too many interviews with those that may be comfortable appearing on camera but they are ill prepared and uncomfortable answering questions with any real substance. Too many say the same ol' things ... "it's the freedom," "you meet the nicest people," "everyone is equal," "nobody judges anyone else,"... there's more to that. I wish all those things that are said, were true but they truly are not.

Word of mouth is how I educate others and since semi re-converting our daughters to nudism and semi converting some of their friends ... I feel we've done plenty of educating of the public. I'm sure these younger people have all shared this info with other friends.

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!

Edited by - FireProf on 02/24/2018 08:24:07 AM

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Nude in AK
Forum Member

Posted - 02/24/2018 :  02:45:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
FireProf, well said! I like the way you up things!

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/24/2018 :  12:30:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think one of the best ways to promote a clothes-free existence is to simply be welcoming and helpful to others the way all of you have been to me. Just taking time to offer insight or answer questions can go a long ways towards offering a good first time impression. I haven't been on a nude vacation yet, but am definitely looking forward to it this summer, thanks in part to the help many of you here on the forum have offered.

Edited by - stealer on 02/24/2018 7:11:14 PM

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